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“I highly recommend Siobhan’s service: she is a caring, honest, and genuine woman with an extraordinary gift!”

-Katharine Yeo, 5-star review on Google

    oracle cards and candle

    Psychic Readings

    Siobhan will tap into your energy to deal with issues such as love, life path, career, and family. Insight will also be gained into future events. Mediumship may also be requested.
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    reiki hands


    Using this non-invasive energy healing technique, Siobhan will open your heart, release old emotions, and heal imbalances in your body. Reiki has been described as a “massage for the soul”.
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    Address issues such as losing weight, quitting smoking, managing pain, and enhancing performance. Also experience past life regression.

    Siobhan is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the International Medical Dental Association.
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Meet Siobhan

Clairvoyant Clairsaudient Psychic Medium

Siobhan’s life passion is helping others to create the life they wish to lead for themselves. Since 2008 she has fine-tuned her skills and striven to offer the highest quality readings and healing modalities to her clients.

Her gifts come from spirit guides, from tapping into clients’ loved ones who have passed, and from the energy that surrounds us all.

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Reviews From Google

“Siobhan created a very safe open atmosphere. She radiates a positive and bright energy. Calm and self-reassured are two feelings I had after leaving my first ever session! Highly recommended for those looking for readings and healing”

“Normally I would go to a psychic or energy healer through a recommendation from a friend…but no one had a good name to give. I found Siobhan through a google search and I felt comfortable with her site/fb page and recommendations. I highly recommend her services. She was able to connect me with family who has passed into the spirit world and I left feeling overwhelmed with connection to myself/my purpose and the universe around me. Thank you, I will most definitely be back for another visit.”

“I had the pleasure of having a reading done by Siobhan, and was left feeling uplifted, confident, and relaxed. Since my reading, I have undergone an incredibly rapid period of growth. I am grateful for Siobhan for playing such a powerful part in my journey.”

“Siobahn is incredibly intune spiritually and a very caring, understanding woman. I called on a whim in peril, she was supportive and very attentive, it did not take long before she had visions that undeniably corresponded with what I was going through. It was what I needed to hear from the gods and she was the conduit. Amazing guidance and advice. I highly recommend seeking her services. Wonderful woman. Thank you Darlin!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are readings available in person as well as online?

    Yes. In person readings are offered on select days at Triple Spiral Metaphysical in Fan Tan Alley in Victoria BC. For online readings, phone and Zoom are both options.

  • Does Siobhan offer mediumship sessions?

    Yes. You may request direct contact with a specific individual who passed. Sometimes loved ones may appear to offer guidance unsolicited during a psychic reading.

  • What tools does Siobhan use for her readings and healings?

    Siobhan has natural abilities since birth including clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairvoyance (she feels, hears, knows and sees things

    energetically). She sometimes uses Oracle cards during her readings, and her healing sessions often include crystals, pendulums and other sacred objects. She also uses shamanic techniques in specific situations as needed.

  • How do I know which healing modality is right for me?

    Generally, if you are looking for answers or guidance, a psychic reading will be beneficial. If you are seeking to manage or heal specific issues, then you may

    want to consider hypnotherapy. For general well-being and spiritual balance, a Reiki session would probably be the best choice.

    Please contact Siobhan if you have any further questions regarding what service is right for you.

  • Is Siobhan available for parties or other events at locations outside her office?

    Ye, Siobhan is happy to arrive on location to make your event a memorable success. Please read here for more information.

  • I’ve never had a psychic reading. Should I be scared?

    Siobhan is an experienced professional, a mother, and grandmother. She only calls on her angels that offer words of support, encouragement and healing, as well as tangible solutions to help with whatever obstacles lie on your journey ahead.

    Her readings are all based in love and light, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

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